Induction Videos

Spending time on Contractor or Staff induction can be tough.

Are you obliged to provide an induction as part of your Company or Health and Safety policy?

Time is money, and sitting through an hour’s worth of induction that is being presented by someone who probably wants to be getting on with their own work can be frustrating and can feel counter-productive.

We at the Business Video Company can put that right by producing an Induction video that will deliver the information in an easy to absorb and engaging way in half the time. This will ensure that the message is conveyed correctly and with the same information every time in a faultless presentation.

Everyone wins; there is less ‘downtime’; your company spends more time with the contractor or benefitting from the talents of its personnel; and staff members that have been previously deployed in this task can be utilised more effectively.

We can use live footage, motion graphics, voiceovers or live presenters: in fact we often use a mix of all of these techniques to achieve a presentation that will capture the attention, deliver instruction and impart knowledge.

To make your Inductions easier, faster and more accomplished… call us now!