Infographic Videos

Using Infographics is one the most popular ways to communicate on the Internet. There is a good reason why. They get over the messages, meanings and points that you need to make in a graphical, easy to comprehend way.

We consult with you to get the message right. Our scriptwriters and storyboard authors immerse themselves in the industry that you work in and understand your place within it. We script coherent, innovative and motivational text that fully explains your marketing message.

An Infographic video features a professional script voiced by one of our expert voiceover artists, and a text-led 1-2 minute animated movie. Once completed, we host your video through America’s number one streaming media company, Brightcove. Brightcove is the first choice for Virgin, Fox, Warner, Discovery Channel, ITV, Sky and many more blue chip, international media companies.

Your finished video can be embedded in your website, put on a USB stick or hosted on its own page as a link that you can send on your emails (our ‘Electronic Business Card’ can be incorporated at the bottom of every email that you send and is the ultimate marketing tool).

Contact us today for a friendly chat about how an infographic video can boost your business.