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Ronseal Made Us Watch Paint Dry

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There was an unexpected highlight on TV on last Friday. Sadly, it wasn’t any of the actual programmes, but a new advert for Ronseal.

The advertisement consisted entirely of three minutes of a man painting a fence. Yes, that’s right. A man was filmed painting a fence with Ronseal. For three whole minutes.

The three-minute film, created by BJL, shows a man using Ronseal to paint a fence in silence, pausing only to drink a cup of tea and observe his handiwork.

Genius marketing perhaps, but certainly annoying as hell.

The ad was created by Karl Stones and Richard Pearson at BJL, who said:

Gogglebox viewers are the ultimate TV critics and we were determined to produce a film which would stand out and give them as much to talk about as the rest of the programme.

“Channel 4 have been incredible partners to work with. Their ‘born risky’ ethos was perfect for this ad break.”

It has also been supported by 4Creative, the broadcaster’s in-house creative agency, who recreated Channel 4’s idents as part of a co-brand ten-second intro to the broadcast.

James Smith, Ronseal’s marketing director, said:

“We continue to be straight and open about the fact that for many people DIY isn’t always the most exciting task. We don’t glamorise DIY.

“We know our products won’t change your life but they will help get a difficult task done quickly and easily. Never is that message more important than on a Friday night before a Bank Holiday weekend.”

There’s also an extended cut for anyone wanting to waste a further 10 minutes of their life.